Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, it's been a while folks, but I'm busy with life---lol. I think my last entry, I got emotional while writing the letter to the unborn Karter! But a lot has happened since then; I don't even know where to begin...
I started a new journey in my life: living with my boyfriend of 4 years! Yea, we finally did it and now we're sharing a lease. We rented a cozy duplex in my hometown of Columbia, SC and I couldn't be happier to be home. It was a long road to get here---my credit's pretty jacked, so it took us until right before my last lease was up to be approved. But I've made a goal for myself to get that together. That way I can buy a home and Jr. can have a yard to play in by the time he's able to run around! I was stressing so much about bringing my family together that I hardly ate. I felt like a horrible mother for starving my child, but he's fine; that was me being extra:) But really, I lost sleep and was on edge constantly. I couldn't understand why all of my efforts weren't paying off. Just when I gave it to God, things started rolling smoothly. We got the place and had the resources for me to relocate! Now that I'm here, the main concern is the list of things I have to do to prepare for my son.
At my last doctor's visit, we were told that I was halfway at that point. I have so much to do since I'm now 6 mos in this game! She brought to my attention that we have to think about if we want Karter circumcised (yes); what he will wear home from the hospital ( when I thought a onsie would be provided!); where he will go for check ups ( I don't know any pediatricians here, well--at all); who will carry him on their insurance---me or Tony? I mean this list is extensive and I'm a planner to the core, so this has to go perfectly. I am even considering natural child birth, although it's something I fear worse than death! I just understand it's faster than using medication and I'm all for gettin in and getting him out. I seriously need someone to put a check list together though, because I'm going insane.
On top of all of this, I'm finally starting to feel the ailments most pregnancies bring about. It's been smooth sailing for more than halfway through! But lately I'm feeling the extra fatigue (which isn't improving since I commute about 45 minutes to work each day), lower back pain, and SWOLLEN FEET:( I don't have ankles anymore, guys and it totally hurts to stand up now. I'm already an emotional person, but I'm feeling hormonal lately. I cried when Tony bit me the other day and we were just playing! *SIGH* And speaking of this beautiful man I love, don't you know I get no mercy when I complain about my aching body?? It's unheard of to me that he wants to "build character" for Karter via my uncomfort. I love him, but I'm going to be needing nightly foot rubs soon---no joke. I guess that I should be thankful that he's a good roommate. I'll just take the cooking and cleaning he does, for now:) Remember when I thought I'd be wearing pumps til I "can't no more", lol....well, I can't. I feel unproportioned/weird-looking when I laced up the strappys 2 weekends ago when we went to a movie. I miss them, but it doesn't matter. I can't fit the shoes I have now anyway. I even tried to go find some sensible shoes to wear as I was shopping for MATERNITY CLOTHES!! Yea, that's another thing I said I wouldn't do. Alas, Mother Nature gave me no choice in the matter. I bought these pants with the huge band that covers my tummy---they make me hot; the other pair I bought have this itchy elastic on them. I had to get a size bigger to give me room to grow, so now they sag:( It's terrible...
I don't have to deal with these issues for long, so I'm not trippin. I'm just thankful for the miracle God's given me and Tony. We can't wait until he arrives, then the real fun will begin right? YAY:)


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