Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis the Season...

So far, it looks like Karter will be missing Christmas 2010 with the rest of the world, and I'm disappointed. But this gives me time to think about how I want to approach his experience with the biggest holiday of the year when 2011 rolls around. With Christmas vastly approaching, I've been thinking about what it will be like when my son's old enough to absorb concepts like the North Pole, reindeer, and 'ol St. Nick himself. See, I've always known there was no Santa; my parents never allowed us to believe in him. I don't know if it was their way to keep us focused on the "reason for the season" or what, but looking back I feel cheated. Much like the way I felt not being allowed to trick or treat, but I digress. Tony and I have discussed this and most likely we'll be telling our boy about the tubby guy who slides down the chimney once a year. It'll be fun to let him take pictures with Santa in the mall and to bake cookies for Santa to leave with his milk. I want to share this with Karter, perhaps to live vicariously through him? I don't know, but I this is something I want Jr. to have that I didn't. It will be fun and will give us another pastime to bond over. But the world is so cruel.

See, what I'm not looking forward to is explaining that there really isn't a Santa. No toy factory at the North Pole. No reindeer. No elves. How and when do you tell your child that? Maybe that's what my parents were doing: avoiding this difficult and inevitable task. Society doesn't make it easy to keep the secret. There are commercials with drunk Santas advertising the latest alcoholic beverage. Santa is black. Santa is white. He was on the side of the road earlier today luring passersby to get an advance on their tax refunds. I mean, he's everywhere. And if my child is going to be as smart as I know he will be, he'll eventually ask me how Santa can be more than one place at once and why he looks one way today and completely different in two weeks! What our dream home has everything but a fireplace and Karter puts 2 and 2 together?? I can't tell him Santa's going to just text me when he's outside with his sack! Parents, I ask you: how can you protect your children from this?! It just seems like so much pressure to continue to hold up this harmless fantasy with lies and deceit. Am I making this too serious? I'm sure it's me being extra again, lol.

I've heard horror stories about how people have come to know the truth. A lady at my job told me her mom was a drunk. Her mom went out the night before Christmas, got lit and returned home without putting the gifts under the tree. Like every other kid in the world, my co-worker wakes up ready to rip open all of her presents but nothing's there. She looks outside to find the other children riding their new bikes and such only wake her mom up and ask her what happen. Well, her mother had to admit she left the gifts at her sister's house and she got right up to retrieve them. Poor chile still didn't get it, until her sister finally told her there isn't a Santa. I heard an episode of Wendy Williams radio show where a mother couldn't bring herself to tell her daughter that Santa didn't exist. The girl was 12 years old, too old to believe I think...but she took it pretty hard. Can you imagine? SMH...I don't want to devastate my child. I'm sure as Tony reads this, he'll say something macho like, "this will build character". Whatever, lol. I think this is a genuine and legitimate concern to have. And I'm sure it's going to turn out OK. You know me, just have to get my random thoughts out...I suppose I'll worry about the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy when it gets here.

This is Flyy Preggo, OUT!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Takin time off

I'm finally on leave. I'm sure I don't have to express how excited I am about that, so I'll just keep it there:). I'm just glad to have time to do the little things. The nursery is almost done; that is if my wonderful boyfriend finally mounts Karter's bookshelf on the wall! Anyway, I was in there yesterday for a while and just sat in the rocking chair, looking around. I'm really excited about having a baby to put in all those clothes hanging in the closet and folded in the drawers. Soon, the crib will have more company than the teddy bear!

Besides organizing Karter's castle and looking for a new gig, I've been concentrating on how to jump start this here labor. Don't get me wrong, I want Karter to come when he's ready. I don't want him to come early and something go wrong. But being almost 40 weeks, I know he's ready. And I think it's time for him to see the world, get a head start on life, and give his mommy her body back! I hope it's not a terrible thing to say, but I's tyad of bein' pregnant, Boss! lol... So, I've Googled, Binged, and took a survey on Facebook about what I can do to make Karter come.

The first thing everyone tells me to do is have sex. I've read that the semen and my having an orgasm will soften my cervix and somehow help things move along. I guess it makes sense, it seems that a lot of our natural bodily fluids contain hormones that work together to make just about anything happen. *sigh* I've tried explaining this to my man, but this is out. Not, to get too personal, but Tony's freaked out about the idea of doing it with a kid in the room, let alone my body. It became especially hard for me to convince him when Karter ran out of room in my belly and we could see every move he makes. The baby's pretty much up when I am, which works for me to sleep through the night, but not for intimate time with Daddy. It may be a good thing, though. I haven't had sex in months, so it hurts even now when the doctor checks my cervix for dilation. That works out, I guess.

I'm also told to eat and drink random things. The most common suggestion is Castor Oil...umm, no thanks. I'm not down with drinking a laxative to push the baby out. If it doesn't work, I'm stuck on the toilet all day when I could be doing something productive. I've seen on TV that women eat spicy foods to jumpstart labor. I'm not so opposed to that, even though I don't like spicy food. My stomach is really sensitive and I may still be stuck in the bathroom for a couple of hours. Maybe that's out too, lol. I was told to try raspberry tea, which I'll go buy today because it's the least scary thing someone told me to try.

I've finally got time to walk. So, I went to the mall with a friend last week and Tony and I went again yesterday. This is something I'll continue all week to make the baby shimmy on down the birth canal. It seems this technique is one of the oldest and most common; but I have my doubts about it. Karter still likes to float around in my ribs every so often. It makes me think that walking undoes everything Karter's already worked to do, which is getting closer to the promise land... lol. And plus, it hurts to walk for exercise these days. I tried to explain to my best friend how it feels when Jr. is sitting so low. All I could tell her was to imagine a 5-6 pound ball of fire sitting on your bladder and pelvic bone. Sometimes I feel like the bones on either side lack the cartilage now, so they scrape together when I walk---hence the waddle. Everyone wonders why we preggers walk the way we do. I've finally figured it out: it shifts the weight and makes it at lease a little more comfortable to be on the move. Tony's told me to take a relaxing bath, which I've verified online. These websites talk about pressure points, massages, and aroma therapy as well. *rolling eyes* I just feel like that's too much work. I may seem to be on the fence about actually trying these methods, but one thing is certain that this baby has to come soon.

Don't worry, I won't do anything stupid. Karter will be fine, we're covered by the blood;) I know God's got me. I'll just ask Him for a little patience in these last few days. I'm going to go about my days following a routine that will keep my mind off of everything. I know he'll come when he comes. And when he does, you guys will all know exactly how it went.