Saturday, July 17, 2010

Showers and Shopping...

I went to a baby shower for one of my sorority sisters last weekend (shout out to the Lennons! and baby Gabby:)). It was really nice; the setting was a restaurant in Charlotte, NC. As guests, we sat in a quaint section at the rear of the establishment with good food and conversation; lovely parting gifts awaited us at our seats. It was really classy, of course I expect nothing less from this particular mom-to-be! Of course throughout, we played fun know the kind where you can't say the word "baby" or you lose your clothes pin? Or the one where we have to unscramble baby-related words. We even had to guess how many peanut M&Ms were in this huge bottle. It was cute---although I didn't win a thing, lol. My favorite part of the shower came: gift time! I always love to see what the new moms are getting for the kids. And Danny (my soror) cleaned up. She now has a myriad of childrens' books, just like she wanted. She got clothes, diapers, hair bows, bath tubs, bibs (organic ones!), wash cloths, teething rings, toys, lullabys, bouncers...I really can't remember everything! And for the mom, breast feeding necessities and a lovely Tiffany's necklace from her husband (I know, really thoughtful right?). It was a fun time, celebrating a new addition to the family. And it got me to thinking about my shower...

I've been pondering the kind of event I want this to be. Should it be a party? Because I thought it may be fun to just have a co-ed shower, get some music and someone to man the grill. Or should it be small and quiet with the ones who are closest to me? Then at least I know people aren't coming just to be nosey, lol. You really just want those who care to help you celebrate. Should I invite Tony? Will he even want to come? Well, he's coming anyway! But I'm not the one planning this little party. Thanks to my best friend, Michele, I don't have to worry about anything but the guest list and looking cute on the day of. I want to accommodate everyone, so I'm thinking sorors are invited, friends, coworkers, family, etc. I'm looking forward to fellowshiping and you're all invited! lol. The other fun part is registering!

Now, I've helped register for baby items with one of my other sorority sisters. It took us about 2.5 hours to get thru the entire store, Buy Buy Baby. It's huge; imagine Bed Bath and Beyond(BBBaby's sister store), but with baby stuff wall to wall! I mean, its different "rooms" range from feeding to toys to furniture to bath to travel. You name it they've got it. And the sales associates tell you when you create a registry to go crazy with the scan gun...we sure did! I saw things in there I wouldn't even think of. The funniest thing was some little triangular cloths just big enough for a baby boy's johnson, if you know what I mean. They come about 5 in a pack, called "Pee Pee Tee Pees". So cute, kind of weird that someone would think of a small shield for the uncontrollable urine as you change your son. Then, we got to the mattress section. We ran into one of the sales associates who knew anything and everything about bedding and such. She was like the Bubba Gump of sleep items for babies. I learned soooo much about mattresses---whether the mattress is made of springs or foam; the different sizes that may or may not grow with the child; the cribs and beds that fit the mattress, which also have to fit the baby. She told us to consider the allergens that may be present in the mattress alone and within the thread counts of sheets. I mean, she went on for a good 45 minutes about this stuff. I just stood there and thought about how much it costs to keep up with all of this when the kid grows. When I was coming up, I'm sure my parents didn't think of these things---my brother and I turned out fine! I digress. I'm thinking of the things I don't want to look stupid for. The things you may look at me crazy for when you go pick up Jr.'s gifts, lol. Just don't judge me for the 50 page registry, lol. This is just another fun-filled part of being pregnant:)

Tony's homegirl plans to throw him a "man -shower". I've never heard of anything like it. All we know is that it'll involve cognac and cigars--no, Tony doesn't smoke...but I find it another opportunity to rack up on diapers! lol. All of these plans have to wait of course; Jr.'s sex will be discovered next month, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can buy a pack of denim diapers like my homie Afton already did! lol

This is Flyy Preggo, OUT!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just what I was Feeling at the Time...

I don't really have anything particular to talk about this entry. I just want to vent about my day. And I don't really blame Jr. for this, so please don't take it that way:)
I woke up this morning drained of pretty much all energy. I've been feeling that way lately. I'll try to go to bed early to make sure that I am ready to take on the day's tasks. I eat breakfast now because I'm feeding more than me. I take naps during my lunch breaks (advantages of working from home). And I hate to admit that I snack on candy in lou of an energy drink as an attempt to stay awake. None of these methods work. I thought that I may be out of the phase where I'm always tired. I've read that life should be easier now that I'm in my second trimester. "They" say most women feel at their best during this time. But maybe it works backwards for me. I didn't have morning sickness, I didn't have constipation, I didn't miss any work---it's been smooth sailing my entire pregnancy so far. But the transition into the fourth month has been hard. And, I can't blame all. I would say the only thing that I can credit my bad mood today is the stress of whether I was going to keep my job(thankfully, I am...long story and as I am not the authorized spokesperson for the recent turn of events at my job, you won't hear it from me lol). This inner struggle of whether I should/can relocate to bring my family together is also taking its toll. Finding a job at home is coming together, but it's not as seamless as I'd like it. There are just soooo many things I'm faced with currently. Instead of taking joy in the fact that Jr.'s starting to move(which hurts by the way) and how I'll decorate my new place with Tony, I have to deal with small doubts and another major decision...
Bringing this back to the baby, Tony and I have a prenatal appointment Monday. I'll be 16 weeks by then and the doctor wants to discuss the amniocentisis test. It's a procedure they do to determine any birth defects Jr. may have like down syndrome, spinal bifida, or trisomy 18(another form of down syndrome). The fact that there could be anything that may cause my child to have a hard life is truly nerve wrecking. I don't know how I would handle the news if something did come back positive for this test. Some women get the CVS test, which is done for the same reason in the first trimester. Doing it this early gives those women time to decide if they want to abort...I know right! The decisions we women must make are tough! To add even more concern, the test itself can cause a miscarraige! I believe my doctor does it in the second trimester bc it's "safer", but what do they know? I have been doing research online to see how the amniocentisis is done and it doesn't sound fun at all. Mind you, I'll take a needle in the belly or in my girly parts for Jr. But I don't want to do anything that would harm him or her... So far, I'm against taking the test and Tony supports me in whatever. I told myself that knowing that these complications didn't run in mine or Tony's family is enough information and confirmation for me not to go through with it. But after talking to friends who were in my position once, I am a little on the fence. It would make sense to get this done so I can just know, right? So I can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy by playing with Jr. as he or she kicks me; finally finding out what Jr. really is(I know the sex Aug. 16TH); being able to buy things for Jr. and talk about a baby shower theme. If the test were to go another way, I would be worried about researching the illness and getting a head start on getting the best child care---school care even for my special needs child! It's a lot to think about on top of this transition into a new chapter into my life. It's a lot to deal with during a possible relocation. It's just a lot...almost too much. Everything seems to be weighing down on me because of the major choices I must make all at one time; but I know I can't let it stress me out.
I've been going to church lately to find the peace I've been looking for. I've found it. I'm finally starting to live with a more positive outlook. It's so hard to do that, but I know God's got me. When I got back into church, I had to realize He never left me...I've always been favored. And I've always worried for no reason. So, I'll work harder on getting rid of the latter part of the equation. I'll continue to trust and believe that whatever happens is meant to. I'll know that no matter what happens, I'm strong enough to deal with it. In the meantime, I'll try to keep my negative moodswings in check because there's no real sense in me sulking. I have an awesome God who will pull me through and turn things around for me. Yea, I feel better getting this out even if you don't read it, lol
This is Flyy Preggo, OUT!